What Should You Know About Blooming Tea?

Blooming Tea gets its name because it features a special flower that is dried and then hand-sewn together so it will stay in its perfect flower formation, even while going through steeping. The entire process is carefully carried out to ensure the best product is created so the tea does not lose any of its healthful benefits. The flowers and green tea are each grown with the highest of standards, using no pesticides or chemicals.

To enjoy a cup of Blooming Tea, you will simply need a clear glass pot or cup. It is important to use a clear cup or pot that is heat-resistant so the blooming action can be enjoyed. When the hot water hits the tea ball, the leaves first respond by spreading open, revealing the beautiful golden flower inside. Once the flower is exposed, it begins to open, looking as if it has bloomed.

Blooming Tea is made with the Calendula flower because this flower offers the most healthful benefits. Its bright yellow color is not only beautiful but it reveals the many carotenoids it contains. Carotenoids are fighters against free radicals that would seek to destroy healthy cells in the body. A free radical is a molecule that is unstable because it does not have a balance of electrons.

This special tea can be drunk for many health benefits and can also be applied to the skin and hair. Its antibacterial properties allow it to aid the immune system in fighting infection so it is perfect for treating cuts, rashes, and abrasions. It is gentle enough to be applied to wounds and can even be used on pets.

When you learn about flower tea, you quickly realize why so many people enjoy it. This tea not only helps to protect the health of the body but it also tastes delicious and with no added unnatural flavorings or other ingredients, one can rest assured they are drinking to their health each time they consume this tea. To purchase the very best Blooming Tea, check out Kiss Me Organic’s line of teas on Amazon. With this tea, each cup can be a pleasure to enjoy.