Simple Hints to Increase Summertime Fun

It is never too early to prepare for summer. A little advance planning helps to make the warm weather months even more enjoyable and it gives people something pleasant to think about during a long, chilly winter. Summertime is great for getting outside and enjoying the heat but it does create a list of potentially annoying or frustrating situations. Here are some ways to prevent those little pet peeves and take full advantage of the sunshine.

Improve Ice Cream

Make a gourmet ice cream at home for a portion of the price of store bought. Purchase an inexpensive flavor and blend in Oreos (or any other cookie). Store the ice cream in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer to keep it soft and to prevent freezer burn.

Soothe a Sunburn

Skin needs the soothing coolness and hydration of aloe vera after a sunburn. Make it even cooler and more refreshing by freezing aloe in ice cube trays before heading into the sunshine. Take a containr full in a cooler for instant first aid treatment anywhere.

Keep Cool Anywhere

A Styrofoam cooler filled with frozen water bottles and a small fan will provide instant cool air anywhere. Online instructions show how to make a simple portable AC unit with these materials for $10 or under.

Fix Tanning Mistakes

Applying self tanner is a safe way of getting some color on the skin without the risks associated with sunbathing. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest product to apply evenly. Baking soda is a solution that is far better than hiding inside until the tanner fades. Exfoliate the skin with a mixture of water and baking soda to remove the excess.

Avoid Sore Feet

It is obvious that sandals are designed for looks rather than comfort. Sensitive feet can chafe and blister in new sandals. Applying antiperspirant to the areas of the feet that come into contact with the sandal straps will keep the feet dry and prevent the slippage that leads to blisters.

This list is just a small sampling of the solutions available to help make summer more enjoyable and to keep everyone looking their best. Visit Dimplebug for more health, beauty and lifestyle ideas.